Located in Büyükçekmece Alkent 2000 Villas, our duplex residence project is one of our meticulous designs that reflect the modern-classical style created by thoughtful special details.

As a design throughout the house, it was aimed to preserve the language integrity and the design was shaped according to the needs of the users. Even though we sometimes use different styles in each place, we still created a common point where they all meet.

In our project, where gold and shiny details are generally used, we have reached the heights of luxury elegance. We supported this principle by hiding LED lights in furniture and preferring onyx marbles.

While the contrast we created on our marble floor, the clear lines on some of our furniture, and our use of single-form mirrors add modernity to the space; our curtains and lighting, carved and traditional motifs on our furniture have also been the side that defends the classicism. In addition, when you look at our project, you will encounter a different color tone that is at the forefront in every space.